Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism

Kadamb Kunj resort is fully devoted to the responsible tourism. To generate local employment we have taken our staff from the nearby villages and trained them for various activities of the resort thus by giving them a means of livelihood. All the products used in the resort are eco-friendly. Use of natural and recyclable materials is done wherever possible. We take care of a number of villages around by giving them time to time aid for its development by giving ten percent of the profits of resort for their development. For Nature Conservation we plant indigenous trees and remove alien. We motivate our Guests to be responsible in economic, social and environmental growth of the villages and surroundings by providing them information about the levels of local poverty and need for development - hence the importance of spending money in the local economy.

Encourage clients to buy crafts that are made locally, by informing guests how they can help with water conservation (e.g. taking showers instead of baths, having linen and towels cleaned only when dirty), by providing guests with a list of local natural resources that are being over utilised, by encourage them to buy crafts that are sustainably produced and by encouraging guests to contribute to a local nature conservation programme.

From providing cost savings to increasing economic stability and ensuring the long-term appeal of a destination, responsible tourism practices simply make good business sense.

Village trip

Village Trip One of the activities offered in the resort is the trip to various nearby villages. The tourists are taken for half day or couple of hours to a village and are briefed about the village life, the way of living of village folk, social setup, and various activities which these villagers undertake to earn their livelihood, about the type of education imparted to the children of village, governance, agricultural practices carried on by the villagers, different crops they cultivate. It involves a lot of interaction activities with the village children and the elderly people of the village. Tourists also see new ways of income generation by villagers like making of "Agarbatti"(essence stick),making of "Dona & pattal" (bowls & plates) along with pottery making, durry making(carpet) and traditional handicrafts for living. They also visit the sites of animal husbandry, bee keeping and fisheries. To add spice to these village trips, tourists are taken on Tonga (horse cart) and served 'chai'